Horror Movies
Horror Movies

Crawl: Feel the Chills

Cast: Kaya Scodelario as Haley Keller

Ross Anderson as Wayne Taylor

Barry Pepper as Dave Keller

Anson Boon as Stan (Looter)

Director: Alexander Aja

Synopsis: This movie begins with Haley Keller who is an aspiring swimmer and she got a call from Beth (her sister). She is informed that the dangerous hurricane has arrived in Florida. Beth advises her sister to go out of state. Haley calls her father but he didn’t pick up the phone and she gets worried about him. She drives around in the city even to find her father and then she found her father wounded and unconscious under the crawl space of the house. She was with Sugar (her dog) all the way and he was upstairs in the meantime.

She was trying to take out her father but then she finds that the exit area is captured by alligators. The large alligators couldn’t fit around pipes and that’s why Dave and Haley both stayed safe at the end of crawl space. In the meantime, the hurricane gets more dangerous and this floods the crawl space. Haley tries to navigate the area around alligators but then she and her father drowned. She also drops her phone while trying to escape crawl space. Later on, she finds that another exit is blocked by hatch.

Theme: This movie is based on the power of nature which can make humans crawl when it wants. A daughter and father both are trapped in a house and want an escape when they confront deadly animals. This deadly horror movie can make anyone feel dizzy.

Life is precious: Humans don’t understand the meaning of life until they see death right in front of their eyes. When you will watch this movie, it will make you understand the real meaning of life. …